Kris Starlein Illustration

The Mighty Stag with Teeth


A passionate Illustrator and first generation child of Slovenian immigrants. Raised in and influenced by the rich heritage of the old world with it’s love yet superstition of nature and embracement of the supernatural evolved into the art style which Kris has become known for. Weaving together that heritage with current social issues and modern story telling has given Kris the edge of interesting ways to a communicating narrative.


  • My name is Kris Starlein

  • I’m a Virgo Sun, Cancer Moon, Virgo Rising, making me a striving perfectionist against my will.

  • I am a 2014 Graduate from the Columbus College of Art & Design with a degree in Illustration (And a Minor in Writing).

  • The things I like to draw are abstract and grotesque, based on many things, usually, with plenty of symbolism. Words I would used to best describe my art are Fluid, Detailed, and Conceptually-abstract. I like to make art based on feelings.

  • I also have a deep seeded love for printmaking especially Screen Printing, Cyanotype, and Lithography.

  • I’m well versed and adventurous with a wide variety of mediums. I’m a natural with Pen and ink, Graphite, and Digital media. I can use most any medium comfortably including Acrylic Paints, Watercolor, Color Pencil, Gouache.

  • Below you can see my 5 year plan by years.

    • 2018

      After Graduation I’ve been on a indescribable ride. While I haven’t returned to school for a Masters, it’s been because I have been, happily, employed as a Product designer for almost 5 years now. The plan moving forward is to continue to expand the Product design market. Not only for Licenses, but for my personal brand as well. I’d like to continue to travel on weekends to where I see fit, but more often.

    • 2014

      In the next few years I would like to see myself doing my own comics for awhile while also working on posters, covers, editorials, and other odd freelancing jobs. I also would like to return to school and get a Masters Degree while working a steady job and traveling on the weekends to where ever I see fit.