Kris Starlein Illustration

Kris Starlein

  Illustrator .  Designer .  Animator . 440.669.2376


The work I do is unique from others stylistically. I’m open to working in many kinds of jobs  including comic, concept, animation, design, editorials, teaching, and freelancing.    



Columbus College of Art & Design (CCAD), Columbus Oh  

BFA in Illustration, May 2014  




Just Funky  

November 2015 - Present  ­

Senior Designer: Creates liscensed products such as drink ware, home decor, accessories, as well as high fashion products for licenses such as Pokemon, Nintendo, Sony/PlayStation, Bethesda, Funimation, Group 1200, and other Video game, Anime, and Tv/Movie licenses, as well as creating custom designs and illustrations. Major clients include Loot Create, Hot Topic, Box Lunch, Spencer's, ThinkGeek, Target, GameStop, and more.


Print Syndicate  

June 2014 - June 2015  ­

Content Designer: Created many designs and illustrations for tee shirts, phone cases,  bedding, coffee mugs, stickers, decals, posters, and more. Other responsibilities include  creating animated gifs for promotions, self promoting products on various social media  outlets, SEO, uploading products, and researching trending markets.  


The Explorer’s Art Post  

September 2011 -  Present  ­

Student Teacher Intern : Teaching High school students in classes such as portfolio building, basic drawing, animation, sculpting, and illustration  


Girl Scouts  

March 2013 - August 2013  ­

Unit Leader : Hired at Camp Molly Lauman for the duration  of Summer 2013. Responsibilities included taking leadership roles in activities and  amongst a team, planning and setting up events for children k­12 to enjoy, and unrelated  to the job description donated time and skills to create props and crafts as well as artistic  themes for the camp.    



Photoshop . Illustrator . InDesign . Flash . AfterEffects . ToonBoom . Word . Google analytics    



Drawing . Painting . Printmaking . Editorial art. Graphic Design . Animation . Storyboarding .  Writing . Exploring trending markets . Social media . Self promotion . SEO  




Ghost  Book

13  Crowns  

Published  2013

-­‐ Had  an illustration  accepted  into  the  book  that pertains  to  ghosts  and   other  supernatural  beings.


Little Cabin

Self Published

Published 2014

-- A book themed around a rhyme involving a  rabbit lost in the woods.




39  Below  FroYo

October 2013 Columbus,  OH

-­‐ Featured  a  piece  depicting horror  in  for  the  season  of  Halloween.  Won prize  for third  best  in  show.


(ISC)  Childhood  Inspiration

39  Below  FroYo

April  2013 Columbus,  OH

-­‐ Created  a  tribute  piece  for  ‘Shadow  of  the  Colossus’ video  game for   being  something  that  inspired  me  as  a  kid.


S.P.A.C.E.  Back  Porch  Comics

Ramada  Plaza  Hotel

April  2013 Columbus,  OH

-­‐ Held  a  table  to  sell  displayed  work  and  run  commissions. Featured  on   Comics Related website.


Irene  Sukle  Tribute

JADE  Gallery

Febuary  2013 Chesterland,  OH

-­‐ Featured  several  Lithography  prints. Won  prize  for  second  best in  show.


Otherworldly:  Images  From  the  Imagination

Galleria  Evangelia March  2012 Columbus,  OH

-­‐ Displayed  couple fantasy  illustrations  .  Part  of  sales  went  to  the   gallery  as  donation.


CCAD  (132nd -­‐ 134th  )  Annual  Student  Exhibition

Columbus  College  of  Art  &  Design

Fall  2011  – May 2015

Columbus,  OH

-­‐ Have  had  many  pieces on  display  dating  back  to  2011.  Sculptures,  3d   pieces,  illustrations,  and  lithography  prints  have  been, and  still  are, on  display.